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We then examine it and either accept or reject it. Proponents conveniently ignore the fact that the shroud had existed for a hundred years before Leonardo was even born CE.

Now normally he would have been right, but not tonight. Some people have since said that the scientists were incompetent, that they rushed the sample taking or that they deliberately chose a patch, knowing it would give a medieval date.

This also would have effected the dating. It is important to realise that these figures are not silly fairytale caricatures. It's claimed that it shows the unusual weave of the cloth, some burn marks, the act of Jesus trying to cover his genitals and the fact that you can't see Jesus' thumbs, just like the shroud.

The labs used different cleaning procedures, control samples were used to test their calibration, some tests were performed blind, that is scientists didn't know if they were testing the shroud sample or a control sample and none of their results were compared until all three labs had completed testing.

In the process they all get super rich and donate the money to curing malaria, good compounding upon good. It needs to be highlighted that historians don't necessarily accept everything they read about people such as Pontius Pilate.

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It appears to show the front and rear images of a naked man and is alleged by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. All the wounds, made at different times according to the Gospel accounts, appear as if still bleeding, even though blood does not generally flow after death.

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While this is of course plausible, there are several reasons to doubt this version of events. These are claims that no sane person would accept without extraordinary evidence, yet Christians imply that if these claims were attributed to Pontius Pilate then historians would be more accepting of them, due to different standards.

That silly belief that the earth is only 6, years old, that evolution is a lie, that Noah's flood actually occurred and that the Bible is literally true in every detail.

There's no denying that the shroud has been patched during its existence, especially after the fire.

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Make a fake dating website
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