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Most, if not all, of Scott's managerial blunders can be directly correlated with the degree to which he desires to be liked by his employees or jealously seeks their approval. Michael's habits of joking around and treating professional colleagues as personal friends are often inappropriate for management.

Although his actions often lead to more problems for his employees, Michael believes that Scranton is "the cool, fun branch In doing so, he realizes that Holly was the only one he truly loved. Personality and management style Apart from his masterful salesmanship, Michael is lacking in almost any other skills, management or otherwise.

Whereas Brent is shown to be irredeemably incompetent, Scott is portrayed as an outstanding salesman who is unwisely promoted to a management role to which he appears completely ill-suited.

Ryan later appears as part of the group to help Michael brainstorm a perfect proposal to Holly. He hopes to finish the video production of his script, "Threat Level: Michael is called to corporate headquarters to answer the question, "What are you doing right?

Throughout their relationship, Pam has served as something of a shoulder angel for Michael by encouraging him to be more productive and discouraging his bad ideas, with varying degrees of success. This also reflects a general change in the US version's attitude, which is more sympathetic to the characters, and tones down the cruel humor of women seeking sex in scranton pa original.

Wallace, seeing his heartfelt openness, promises Michael his party and pledges to attend. On the other hand, he also oversteps his authority by hosting events that Corporate disapproves of, such as The Dundies and a booze cruise. Candidate ext Serving clients in Scranton Area: In the episode " Goodbye, Toby ", Michael is thrilled when Toby decides to move to Costa Rica and gives as his going away present a rock with a note that reads "Suck on this".

Michael enjoys planning fantasy entrepreneurial schemes that he would like to start, such as a men's shoe store called "Shoe La La", or another paper company simply called "Michael".

However, after David Wallace witnesses them kissing, Holly is transferred to the Nashua branch and she and Michael break up after choosing not to pursue a long-distance relationship.

He also uses the alias in another episode to go undercover in a local paper competitor to attain information from it. While Jim and Pam are both shown to care about Michael, his clingy nature makes them reluctant to socialize with him outside of the office; such as when, after numerous unsuccessful invitations, Michael is forced to trick them in order to have them over for a disastrous dinner in the episode " Dinner Party.

Michael's fondness for magic is referenced throughout the series, including an off-screen visit to a children's magic camp. When Michael's year anniversary party is cancelled by his new superior, Charles Miner, he drives to New York to confront Wallace.

She watches from the window as his plane flies off. Scott's social immaturity and inability to cope with responsibility is balanced with a personality that is much more caring than Brent's, even if both make unwise comments in the heat of the moment.

Michael was much more interested in Carol than she was in him, and after he made an unwanted and rejected impromptu public marriage proposal, Michael's decision to Photoshop pictures of himself over Carol's ex-husband in her family pictures resulted in their breakup.

Michael finds uttering the phrase so irresistible that in " Sexual Harassment " he is goaded into saying it just seconds after Jan Levinson and a lawyer from Corporate specifically ask him to stop.

After Michael fails to defend Jan in her wrongful dismissal suit against Dunder Mifflin, they remain together for a short while, but end up blowing up at each other during an ill-fated dinner party and eventually break up. The commentary also says that Steve Carell had not seen more than a few minutes of the original UK series when he was offered the role of Scott, and has since made a conscious decision not to watch it in case it influences his own performance.

In " The Meeting ", it is shown Michael does not aim for his employees' betterment or his own, thinking that this would put his job at jeopardy. His laid-back approach more often results in lower than expected workplace productivity, particularly when Michael places personal interests as a priority over work such as his birthday, someone else's birthday, or his various seminars.

Although he generally enjoys Erin's thoughtful treatment, his dismissive feelings towards Erin continue until " Secretary's Day " when he reluctantly agrees to take her out to lunch. Michael wears a partially inflated sumo suit underneath a business suit, and is patterned after the Eddie Murphy character in the Nutty Professor remakes.

He states that the scariest part of prison is the Dementors. He's also divorced so he's not a part of his family either". Michael is jealous that the office looks to Gabe as the boss and attempts to sabotage the party. Starting with a one-night stand after they closed their business deal at Chili's in " The Client ", Michael and Jan begin awkwardly dating, become an official couple, and eventually move in together after Jan is fired from her job — although it should be noted that Jan usually treated Michael with contempt.

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It is said in the commentary that Gervais and Merchant suggested that this be applied to Scott. After being promoted to regional manager at a young age, he continued to treat work-related relationships as personal friendships.

In the episode " Murder ", Jim attempts to confront Michael for wasting time when he has the staff participate in a murder-mystery role playing game. On the audio commentary of The Pilot episode, director Ken Kwapis says that Carell's unfamiliarity with the British version of The Office and their experience working together on Watching Ellie influenced him being cast as Scott.

Although he is unsuccessful using his sales methods as a telemarketer in " Money ", his social interactions with coworkers suggest that he would be a more popular presence in an office of peers as opposed to subordinates.InHarvey Weinstein was 32 years old and making one of his first real feature films, on location outside of Scranton, Pa.

It was a comedy called "Playing for Keeps," featuring a not-yet. Oct 16,  · GOP Sen. Ted Cruz and Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke traded a number of sharp barbs in the second Texas Senate debate as the closely-watched comes to a.

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